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Nisha henna based hair color available only in some metro cities
Marketed by Yutika Natural Pvt. Ltd, Sojat City, Pali, Rajasthan
In addition to the natural black shade, the brown shade is also available
It is one of the most effective hair colors available for those who wish to color their grey or white hair

Directions for use :
For best results, apply to hair immediately after mixing with water
The paste should applied to the hair for at least thirty minutes
After this the hair can be washed
Please note that the above information is obtained from the packaging, free of cost and provided only for reference.

The manufacturer claims that 100% natural henna is used
They claim that using the hair color helps in silky, shiny and soft hair

If less water is used, the paste may form a layer on the scalp
Also while washing the water is black in color
One packet is priced at Rs 15

Factories in Rajasthan and Khopoli, addresses available on request

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